100% Organic & Natural Skincare Products for women in pakistan


100% Organic & Natural Skincare Products for women in Pakistan.
D:\Amina Ghafoor\Amazon baby care page\Amazon ALL Brands banners\Mosquito-and-care-,3000,1500_-Recovered-Recovered.jpgall.jpgIt is hard to find skincare products in Pakistan that are 100% natural in their composition and chemical-free. However, there is one international brand that sells purely organic and toxin-free products without any harmful additives that may aggravate skin problems.

100% Organic Skin Care Products in Pakistan
WBM has a wide range of imported Skin Care products for women in Pakistan. Its budget friendly products ensure that you get the most beautiful look which is refreshingly natural and irresistible. Each of these products manufactured under WBeauty and WBM Care, is purely chemical-free without any harmful additives or side effects, unlike most skin care brands in Pakistan.

Wide Range of Skincare Products for All Skin
The range of natural skin care products at WBM is wide and inclusive, catering to not only all skin needs but also all skin types.
Following is the long list of premium quality natural skin care products for women in Pakistan that you will find at WBM International:

  • Best Hand Cream for women
  • Whitening Night cream
  • Anti ageing cream
  • All-purpose Crack Repair Cream
  • Eye Gel
  • Facial Toner
  • Best Facial Cleanser
  • Facial Moisturiser
  • Top Quality Razor Blades for women
  • Lip Balm for women

Hand Cream for Women
WBM Hand cream has a range of different types of hand creams. Each type of hand cream is packed with a distinct mix of essential revitalising ingredients with a different fragrance.

  • Hand Cream Milk & Coconut
  • Hand Cream Almond, Honey & Lavender
  • Hand Cream Olive Oil & Shea Butter
  • Hand Cream Rose & Avocado
    The most unique fact of all these Hand creams is that all of them have a mandatory key ingredient; Himalayan Pink Salt. This gives the hand cream extra efficiency with ultra moisturising, hydrating, exfoliating and anti-microbial properties. In short, it has all that our hands need after exposure to sun and pollution.

Whitening and Restoring Night Cream

WBM Whitening Night Cream, unlike the top brand creams, is free from any artificial ingredients. It helps in revitalising the skin, especially for skin tone enhancement and anti-aging. This Night Cream aids skin in restoring and refreshing over night, after a long day in the sun. It is highly concentrated with niacinamide and flower essence which function to increase skin elasticity, reduction of dullness while hydrating each skin cell, that give a bright fresh skin.

Dual Foundation Anti-Aging Cream
This multi-functioning cream is for both day and night, and helps in anti-wrinkling. WBM Dual Foundation Cream goes deep into the skin and the vitamins present in it nourish efficiently. Its antioxidant essences shield the skin, protecting against radiations while also aptly moisturising for a longer period of time. In addition, it contains shea butter which helps in wearing off of the dead skin, reducing dullness and giving off a refreshed young attractive look.

Anti-wrinkling Eye Gel
Our eyes are prone to allergies and dryness which can cause itching. WBM Eye Gel is especially designed in such a way that it sufficiently replenishes the delicate skin around the eyes and restores its suppleness. The tube comes with a unique technology of three massaging rollers that gently nourish and moisturise. This non-greasy eye gel packed with natural extracts helps in fading away of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles.D:\Amina Ghafoor\Amazon baby care page\Amazon ALL Brands banners\AMAZON BANNERS\Eye-Gel.jpg

Natural Soothing Radiance Facial Toner
WBM Soothing Facial Toner has a formula of rose water, hazel and aloe vera extracts which provide the skin with utter refreshment. This toner can either be used in the morning for a brightened nourished skin to give you a fresh start to the day, or it can also be used after washing makeup to help clean any residues deep inside from the pores. This pH balancing multi-beneficial toner is for all skin types.

Organic Facial Cleanser
This organic anti-acne W Beauty Facial Cleanser is perfect for skin purification and exfoliation. It consists of Amino acids, hazel and olive oil which adequately replenish the skin by removing any harmful toxins, dirt and black heads. It also contains Himalayan Pink Salt which helps in extra nourishment and increasing skin resilience.

Daily Facial Moisturiser
WBM Facial Moisturiser is packed with several oils including Sunflower Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Jojoba oil, shea butter, Vitamin E and multiple flower extracts. This heavily organic composition provides it with 100% efficiency of skin nourishment and smoothening. It helps in skin tone enhancement, anti-aging, pore reduction and skin strengthening. It is best to apply both in the morning to provide long lasting moisturization or in the night to replenish skin overnight.

All of these products also come in a singular WBeauty Kit to serve all needs in one package!

Multi-Purpose Crack Repair Cream
WBM Crack Repair cream is a multi-purpose skin ointment which can be used to remove marks from anywhere on the skin. It contains Himalayan Pink Salt, Allantoin and Water Soluble Cremaide which aid in deep repairing of the skin. This vegan cream targets not only superficially but the underlying damaged parts, to provide moisturisation from the root level. It can be used on ankles, hands or elbows, and to relieve stretch marks (by pregnant women) from anywhere on the body.

D:\Amina Ghafoor\Amazon baby care page\Amazon ALL Brands banners\Mosquito-and-care-,3000,1500_-Recovered-Recovered.jpgcrak.jpg

Razor for Women
WBeauty 4 Blades Women Razor comes with a surrounding lubrastrip which contains vitamin E and aloe vera extracts to provide a soothing and nourishing shave. This recyclable razor has a pivoting head with 4 blades ensuring a gentle yet efficient close shaving experience without any injuries. It also comes with a scented strong grip handle and easy to rinse blades.

Colour Changing Lip Balm for Women
WBM Colour Changing Lip Balm is 100% organic containing shea butter, olive oil, plant essences and vitamin E. This moisturising lip balm makes your dried chapped lips soft and smooth. The unique feature of this balm is that it changes colour based on your body temperature, making you stand out with an elegant edgy look!D:\Amina Ghafoor\Amazon baby care page\Amazon ALL Brands banners\women-Lip-Balm.jpg

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