Top 5 Best Restaurant Islamabad (Mouth Watering Food Places)

Top 5 Best Restaurant Islamabad | List of All Best Places in Islamabad

As the other cities of the Pakistan claims at providing best food services and Islamabad are at the top of the list. Islamabad is famous in Traditional, Continental, Chinese and Spanish food. For a food lover, it’s mandatory to know about the best food places in Islamabad. Don’t worry anymore, I will tell you the Top 5 Best Restaurant Islamabad. Here is the list, hope you like it.

1. Monal Restaurant:

If you are intended to dine out, looking for a best delicious foodie place, then keep this restaurant at the top of the list from Top 5 Best Restaurant Islamabad. Monal is best at providing Continental, oriental, fast food, traditional and international foodie variety.

The restaurant is located in the most beautiful location of Islamabad where you are not just going to dine out but also you can also enjoy the beautiful location. The restaurant is surrounded by beautiful hills and gives a beautiful view to make your time even more enjoyable especially in night.

Perched on top of Islamabad, Pakistan’s Margalla Hills lies the world-famous Monal Restaurant. Tourists and locals alike flock there for a one-of-a-kind eating experience surrounded by nature’s splendor, thanks to the stunning panoramic view of the city below.

With roomy indoor and outdoor dining areas, Monal is perfect for both small dinners for two and big parties. The decor is casual and warm, creating an appealing atmosphere. At Monal, diners may savor their meals while admiring the breathtaking views of Islamabad and the surrounding area, elevating each meal to an unforgettable experience.

Top 5 Best Restaurant Islamabad

2. Kabul Restaurant:

You get bored of traditional food?  Wants to eat something different? Looking for a better place in Islamabad to dine out? Then stop here, that’s the right platform telling you about a restaurant who presents you all the Afghani foods under one roof. Not only Afghani food, Non-Afghani food is also present there to meet the varied customer needs. It is a unique website located at the center of the Islamabad city trying hard to serve you the best. The environment, food quality, serving time all are perfect for a memorable dining out.

Top 5 Best Restaurant Islamabad

3. Khaas Gallery Restaurant:

Khaas gallery café is located in the famous Khaas Gallery of the Islamabad. The khaas gallery offer opportunity for the youngsters to present their talent. You can visit the gallery to see the art related things as well as get served with delicious food by Khaas Gallery Restaurant. Their coffees really incomparable with the other restaurants a considered best for this. Their specialty includes red curry, steamed rice, salads and sautéed vegetables. The staff is really trained in serving the food. The environment of the restaurant is much relaxed and enjoyable.

Top 5 Best Restaurant Islamabad

4. The Lime Tree:

if we think about Top 5 Best Restaurant Islamabad then this mind came to mind first. Everyone loves the nature and greenery is always the best place to relax. Looking for a restaurant which allows you to dine out in a greener place, then The Lime Tree café is indeed the best choice for you. The café is located at the core of Islamabad. The restaurant is featured as bakery, drinks bar and a perfect dine out place. They present a wide range of continental, traditional, Chinese food.

Top 5 Best Restaurant Islamabad

5. Siena restaurant:

Italian food is best ever food and becoming popular all over the world. Siena Restaurant is located in the Islamabad offering the wide range of Italian food. The restaurants consist of different dining rooms which depict the different cities culture of Italy. This thing makes this restaurant more emerging and memorable.

Top 5 Best Restaurant Islamabad

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