The 6 New Hair Trends in the Upcoming Fall


2016 has been immensely revolutionary when it comes to hair trends and fashion. Let’s not waste much time and have a look on the latest six trends of hair that my female folks can try on themselves.

The Copper Hues

Copper highlights, low lights, full fashion color, balayage or ombre really compliments the Pakistani skin. Also, they look better with black or dark brown undertones.

The Copper HuesBangs? Yes Please

It’s the season where your hair gets smoother and shiner, therefore its time you freshen your current look with new bangs. The best aspect about bangs is that it can work with any hair cut or color.Bangs? Yes Please

Sleek, Polished and Straight

This hair look doesn’t works out in summers due to high amount of humidity in the weather, and its time you make the best out of the upcoming breezy, windy winters and rock this look. Straight your hair a little by applying any serum (Recommendation: L’Oreal) and then leave them aside.Sleek, Polished and Straight

Knot Your Hair Up

This is the ultimate hair trend of this year. Its chic, needs less maintenance and turns out great with any outfit. Be it eastern or western wear. Although, it suits every hair cut but most preferably long layers will work out the most with this knotted up look.Knot Your Hair Up

Low-Pony Tails

Generally, the easiest hairstyle one can try. It doesn’t needs much effort yet goes out well with any outfit, and looks elegant and chic at the same time. You can wear a low, loose pony tail anywhere to work, party, beach or college and it will look great! Low-Pony Tails

Honeyed Streaks

Honeyed streaks enhance every hair undertone, whether it’s black, blonde or dark brown. It doesn’t just revive the overall look but also gives a pretty stylish look.Honeyed Streaks

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