After Suzuki, Honda Increase its Price Too


Honda and Suzuki both are the big car manufacturing companies in Pakistan and fulfilling the huge demand for its amazing cars. Recently Suzuki increased its car prices at the start of the 2018 and right after few days Honda also increased the prices of its few models.

The reason they are giving to revise the prices of cars is that all parts cannot be made locally and they are forced to import it from foreign vendors. Due to the devaluation of rupees the prices have automatically been raised.

All Pakistan Motor Dealers Association (APMDA) Chairman HM Shahzad said, “The government has recently restricted the import of used cars through different measures, but it has allowed local car makers to increase prices as much as they want.”

Here is the increased prices of Honda Cars:

City 1.3L MT 15,49,000 15,99,000
City 1.3L PT 16,89,000 17,39,000
City 1.5L MT 15,99,000 16,59,000
City 1.5L PT 17,39,000 17,99,000
Aspire 1.5L MT 17,29,000 17,89,000
Aspire 1.5L PT 18,69,000 19,29,000
HRV 1.5 CVT 23,49,000 23,99,000
Civic Oriel 1.8L i-VTEC CVT 24,99,000 25,49,000
Accord VTi 2.4L 36,99,000 41,99,000
CR-V Base 2.4L 1,12,50,000 1,22,50,000
Civic 1.8L i-VTEC CVT 36,99,000 41,99,000


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