Ban on YouTube Officially Lifted in Few Days

PTA- Pakistan Telecommunication Authority finally move to supreme court of Pakistan to get permission to lift ban against YouTube in Pakistan. We told you few days back, Pakistan silently lift ban on YouTube and that news comes true now. YouTube launched local version for Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. YouTube can remove any video which harm users emotions. In YouTube Pakistan’s logo there are addition of ‘pk’ which are the local version for Pakistan.


In an application filled in supreme court of Pakistan,  PTA said the ban on YouTube was implemented after supreme court decisions,  and now higher court decide final verdict against YouTube ban.

In Pakistan YouTube are working on many internet service providers and few of them still blocked it. And most of people are using it via proxy.

Update: Government of Pakistan announced to unblock YouTube access in Pakistan. PTA send directive to all ISP’s provider to unblock YouTube. In Pakistan YouTube blocked all those content which were the cause of ban.

Umer Kayani
Umer Kayani
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