Black Friday November 25th Sale in Pakistan


The Black Friday sale is just coming this November and it will be also applicable in Pakistan. Now the trend is changing, we didn’t see any black Friday previously but now on major online stores and offline outlets, both are ready to brings massive discount.

On the other end we have seen white Friday concept from one of the major online store. They claims that Friday cannot be black. They will also bring’s the discount and promotion with white Friday tag.

This is the annual shopping festival and it would start on November 25, and it is the worldwide shopping festival. We will see it in whole world and the retailer’s would give massive discount.

November, Black Friday November 25th Sale in PakistanBlack Friday is an American tradition which came after Thanksgiving day every year. And people start waiting one day before in front of retail outlets to get on time and get their desired products in huge discount.

So, get ready and be prepared for buying products in discounted prices.

November, Black Friday November 25th Sale in PakistanYayvo online store is partner with JazzCash to bring black Friday sale and and Easypay will bring’s black Friday sale in this month.

Both are giving Pre sale voucher’s in low price’s, and it could be applied only on black Friday sale day.