Cheezmall’s Unfair Promotion Event/Marketing Strategies


Cheezmall is a new Chinese venture in Pakistan and now slowly penetrating in the market. However,  their marketing strategies are questionable. Recently, they conducted a promotion event at Iqra University Islamabad and in many other college’s/Universities and asked students to fill in a form with their personal information i.e. Name,  phone number, and email address for a voucher of Rs 250/- which would be sent through SMS later. That “later”  name came even after a month and contacting them via email got us no response.

Companies spend a lot of time and money to gather these details of potential customers and this unethical practice on part of Cheezmall left us with many questions about their business strategies. We all understand the purpose of getting this vital information. Companies reach out to their potential customers and give them promotional offers to get a competitive advantage. In this particular case, Cheezmall collected the data but never transferred the value they promised to the students. This practice will hurt their reputation in both long and short terms.

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The data of students can be used for any purpose and even they can sell that to marketing companies. If they don’t have budget to offer discount then they shouldn’t use that kind of promotional campaigns to portray a bad image not only for them but for other companies as well.

Email has been sent to Cheezmall’s official address given on their website for knowing the current status for this campaign but waiting for weeks and we didn’t get any respond from them.

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