Choose & Get Your Own Number with Mobilink


Mobilink brings choose your own favorite Mobilink number service. In order to get your desired number in prepaid form , you need to visit Mobilink service centers, franchises and get your own number if it’s available. Numbers can be normal, ex-chargeable, golden, platinum etc. After bio-metric verification there are hundred’s of number are available due non verification. And now there is an opportunity for you to get your desired number and activate it on your own name. own number,mobilink number,golden number,platinium number,silver number,Choose ,Get, Own Number, Mobilink, Choose & Get Your Own Number with Mobilink

How To:

  • Customer will share his/her preference criteria with the Retailer/Mobilink Franchise or Business Center Representative.
  • Retailer/Mobilink Representative will search based on the preference criteria and share multiple options with the customer.
  • Customer will select a number and it will be activated after successful Biometric Verification and other standard System Checks.


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