Cross Stitch, Sana Safinaz and Sapphire Copies Lawn Designs of 2018


Cross Stitch, Sana Safinaz, and Sapphire are the well-known brands of clothes and recently they have launched their lawn and spring articles of 2018. These brands have been accused of copying their lawn designs from different international brands. This is not the first time Sana Safinaz and Sapphire plagiarized the deigns, they have done this last year too but now Cross Stich also joined the queue.

, Cross Stitch, Sana Safinaz and Sapphire Copies Lawn Designs of 2018

Few people unveiled the relatively along with the proves on social media which made their customers angry. These are the expensive bands and people prefer the brands because they have unique designs but now they have been claimed for copying designs and prints.

They have not only copied international designs but Indian too. Cross Stich caught copying the design of designer Anita Dongre from Tree of Love Collection 2017. Moreover, Sapphire copied the wall art of Manuel Canovas Bengale Wallpaper on its 2018 lawn stitched article with the name of Jungle Strom which is totally hilarious.

Brands always offer high rates for their latest designs in the name of uniqueness but they forgot that we are living in the time where social media has the power to unveil their reality of plagiarism. They should be more creative and introduce their own design and show some creativity to grab more customers without copying designs and prints.

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