Dawlance Announces ‘Health Zone Reflection’ Refrigerators


Dawlance, Pakistan’s number one home appliances manufacturer, has announced a new line of refrigerators – the ‘Health Zone Reflection’ series. These refrigerators come with technologically advanced features designed specifically in line with needs of today’s consumers. The ‘Health Zone Reflection’ series is equipped with a special Health Light, and an Insect Repellant while the interior is made up of beautifully crafted glass shelves.  

Speaking about Dawlance’s initiative to cater to the health conscious market segment, Mr. Hasan Jamil, director marketing, Dawlance said, “We saw a window of opportunity and decided to bank on it through our Health Zone Plus initiative. A lot of families in Pakistan are slowly but surely realizing the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and we just want to help them along the way with our new breed of innovative health-centric appliances.” 

The ‘Health Zone Reflection’ series of refrigerators’ state-of-the-art features are one of their kind and designed to complement a healthy lifestyle. The built in Health Light has the ability to prevent multiplication of bacteria which enables food, especially vegetable and fruits, to stay fresh for longer. It also removes odor from inside of the refrigerator. The Insect Repellant is another first for Pakistani consumers, and has the ability to emit sound waves which keep insects away from the refrigerator and its surrounding area.
“Our new line of refrigerators is developed with the state-of-the-art technology to meet the highest health standards that a refrigerator can offer. The refrigerators design is an ode to Dawlance’s long term commitment to providing continuous solution to every strata of society. Such innovation enables health conscious consumers to lead a healthy and balanced life,” said Mr. Ali Wahid, refrigerator category manager, Dawlance.  

As more people adapt a healthy lifestyle, they are looking for solutions that take care of their health requirements. This new refrigerator series is a part of Dawlance’s complete new breed of home appliances which makes it possible for health conscious families to lead a balanced lifestyle; all part of Dawlance’s Health Zone Plus initiative.