Dawlance H-Zone Plus Mosquito Repellent AC



Dawlance recently adds new air conditioner under umbrella of its Health  zone series with mosquito repellent feature. Mosquito repellent feature is effective even when the AC is off ,It  is equipped with an anti-rust condense has wire-less remote access and also auto-start function making it an all-encompassing cooling machine. Healthy lifestyle is just a button away.

Dawlance’s new Health zone Plus range of air conditioners are equipped with chemical-free Mosquito Repellent Technology so that you can sleep peacefully and wake up fresh & healthy. Say goodbye to harmful coils and mosquito repellents and bring Dawlance Health Zone Plus home to experience convenience at its best. Now enjoy summer with latest technology and also say goodbye to mosquitoes.

Key Features

Inverter technology- saves 30% energy

R 400A Refrigerant – provides faster cooling

Mosquito Repellent Technology

Digital Protection device- protects AC from voltage fluctuation (180V-250V)


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