Discover Pakistan – Pakistan’s Very First Tourism TV Channel


Discover Pakistan is yet another initiative taken by Prime Minister Imran Khan to bring the beauty of Pakistan to the rest of the world. The one and only tourism channel is a satellite TV channel that will show tourism related videos to the rest of the world.

The new channel became live on Saturday and the good news was shared on all of the channel’s social media pages. Now, the local cable operators are asked to broadcast the channel to their subscribers so that they too can experience the beauty of Pakistan from their homes.

Discover Pakistan Satellite Channel

The Discover Pakistan channel is broadcasted in High Definition. The channel will air original documentaries, travel related events, developments and tourism related morning show that will bring out the softer and more natural image of Pakistan.

The channel is in par with Prime Minister’s vision and has been in the pipeline since 2017. Now that the channel is finally launched, it is promoting Pakistan’s hidden beauty from its historical places, notable areas and natural places.

Discover Pakistan’s Facebook page already has almost one million followers alone and its YouTube page is slowly gaining attention as well. The channel also has apps on which you can enjoy the live streaming of all shows being aired on this app.

The Purpose of the New Channel

The aim of this channel is to generate much better revenue from the tourism industry of Pakistan which has been long since dormant. Discover Pakistan is just a small part of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s idea to give the tourism industry of the country a boost.

Discover Pakistan

The efforts include Pakistan’s first tourism incubation program that will focus mainly on startups in Abbottabad, a Punjab Tourism App that was already downloaded more than 10,000 times in just 24 hours of its launch and a lot more.

Now that the security situation in the country is much better, the government is making efforts to campaign hard to revive Pakistan’s tourism. The government is ready to facilitate international tourists, enhance government policies and make tourism better.

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