Durdana Ansari OBE Appointed British Royal Navy Captain


It’s a saying that when a woman believes in herself, she can conquer many great things. This surely fits on Durdana Ansari OBE, who is serving the British Navy for the last many decades. Yes, you heard it right. She started as an instructor there, and today, she has become the Captan of the British Royal Navy.

The news circulated on social media when Asim Azhar, a famous Pakistani singer, took to his Instagram account and congratulated Khala on achieving this title. Many people got to know that she is an aunt to Asim Azhar. It seems that talent runs in the genes of this family.

Durdana Ansari OBE

Durdana Ansari OBE Biography

Despite achieving so many titles and working hard in all these years, still many people don’t know who Durdana Ansari OBE is and how it all started. She got married at a young age and moved to the United Kingdom with her husband. There she started working as a Journalist and attached herself to the BBC’s current affairs.

Durdana is working as an international journalist for the last 2 decades and has collaborated with many famous personalities. She has been invited by the British government for meetings where she served her services many times.

British Navy Career

At a young age, she started serving in the British Navy as an instructor. She worked along with many navy Officers and gave her services on different levels. Furthermore, she worked as an officer in BAME Community Engagement.

Her journey as an officer, motivational speaker, and journalist is surely highly recommendable. Her dedication, courage, and hard work lead to huge ways. Today, she has made the entire country proud after being appointed as a Caption of the British navy. Above all, this appointment is made by the Queen herself. Her years of hard work has been paid

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