EcoStar Launched New UPS / Inverter


In order to provide reliable solution to power load-shedding in heat waves of summer, EcoStar, a global brand of electronics has launched a new and economical UPS/Inverter for domestic small-scale usage, in addition to its heavy-use Inverters. EcoStar launched the UPS E-840i in its E-series with 300 Watts capacity, which can run two ceiling fans, along with five energy savers or two tube lights at the same time.echostar,ups,echo star ups,inverter ups E-840i ,300Watts, E-1040i ,600Watts, E-1240i/E-720i ,720Watts, EcoStar Launched New UPS / InverterEcoStar E-Series Inverter is now available in four models: E-840i (300Watts), E-1040i (600Watts), E-1240i/E-720i (720Watts) and E-1440i (1440Watts). E-840i inverter is available at an economical price of Rs. 7,900 all over the country.

EcoStar inverters are a reliable solution to load shedding problem, E-Series Inverters are built on modern technology that fully protects the battery while enhancing its charging capacity.ecostar ups

Alarm system of the inverters beeps on; low battery, overloading and faulty situations with varying beep timings, to inform the users about its functioning without physically looking at the lights of the inverter. It beeps every 2 seconds when battery is low, beeps every half second in the case of overloading, while it beeps continuously when there is a fault.

EcoStar is a global brand of electronics that reflects technological excellence. In Pakistan, DWP Group is the official distributor of Ecostar that ensures nationwide availability of its products, along with prompt after-sales support, through an extensive network of outlets.

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