Pop Up Emoji Reaction Would Soon Be Available For Instagram

From October, 2019, the social media giant owned by Facebook has been testing pop up emojis. The functionality will be launched very soon for the general users. Manchun Wong, The Reverse Engineer revealed that from now the app of photo-sharing is working on this issue.

According to her claim, the news was given by Alexa Voice, manager of Facebook’s Tech Communication said, non-employed users of Instagram can only use the emoji of heart however soon the other emojis will be launched .

Emoji Reaction

Wong further said: “Although it’s true, internally Instagram has recently started testing DM reactions with employees, since last October, Instagram has been working on it after tweeting about Twitter working on DM Reactions.”

Previously Wong had been able to perform reverse engineering on Twitter’s current update including the new features before it was released for the public at large.

At the moment, Instagram did not give the right time as to when this new function will be launched. The six pop-up emoji’s bar will be a entertainment addition to the other Instagram features. Currently, on other social media platform this similar feature was also launched known as Twitter. This function now use micro-blogging, a user is required to hover over the message to select an emoji reaction once the popup appears. For putting the reaction, thumb on the image that would look when hanging the message on the web or double-tap the message on phone.

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