Fertilizer Manufacturers Claims they are Printing Prices on ‘Urea’ Bags

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This is in response to a news story published in print media on 5th of August 2015, stating that “Fertilizer Companies refuse to accept demand for printing price on urea bags”.

 The Fertilizer Manufacturers of Pakistan Advisory Council (FMPAC) – hereby brings to the public’s notice that every urea bag produced by manufacturers in Pakistan clearly mentions the Price, to ensure transparency and avoid market manipulation. The reporter has apparently misunderstood and mixed the discussion on DAP fertilizer. The printing of price on DAP and phosphatic fertilizers which is mostly imported, is not feasible due to fluctuating international prices, value of Pakistani currency and transportation and freight charges for more than 50 geographical zones in the country.

 Regarding DAP and phosphatic fertilizers, the fertilizer manufacturers and importers proposed to the government to consider a reduction in the GST, in order to give due advantage to the farmers. A comprehensive workable proposal has already been presented to the government on subsidy and farmer awareness for optimizing the benefits to the farmers. To increase farmer awareness on prices, a system of mobile messaging and use of print media has also been suggested. FMPAC stands with all the initiatives to support the agriculture sector in Pakistan.

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