Fertilizer Manufacturers Ensured the Success of Kissan Package


The Fertilizer Manufacturers of Pakistan Advisory Council (FMPAC) is undertaking all possible measures to deliver the incentives promised for the farmers, through the Prime Minister’s Kissan package. A high-level meeting was recently held in this regard, presided by the Chairman of FMPAC – Lt. General Shafqat, who is also the CEO of FFC.

The forum reviewed the progress on Kissan package. During the meeting, it was observed that all fertilizer manufacturing units in Pakistan are fully prepared to play a key role in ensuring the success of the Kissan package.

Since the Kissan package includes a 20 Billion Rupees fund to reduce prices of Potassium and Nitrate fertilizers, by Rs 500 per bag, all the key players of this industry have committed to ensure smooth supply of fertilizer stocks at subsidized rates recommended by the Kissan package. The experts and leaders of FMPAC reiterated that these stocks will be timely delivered at the farmers’ doorsteps, to help in producing healthy crops and high agricultural output.

Moreover, the FMPAC has also requested the Ministry of Food-Security and the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to streamline the procedure for granting subsidy on fertilizers, as envisaged in the Kissan package. The FMPAC has requested the regulatory authorities to complete the process of verification in time and expedite the approval of subsidy claims. It may be noted that various companies have already filed the claim with FBR and are awaiting approvals.

The Chairman of FMPAC – Lt. Gen. Shafqat stated that; “Since the primary objectives of FMPAC include the strengthening of Pakistan’s agricultural sector and improve the productivity of farmers, the fertilizer industry has expressed its resolve to undertake all possible measures to ensure food-security for the nation as robust agricultural sector can lead to the overall economic wellbeing of the country.”


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