Fixit Arranges “Justice for Zainab” Protest in Lahore on 14th Jan


Fixit is the nonpolitical platform which addresses the issues of the local and common man of Pakistan. For a long time, this organization used to highlight the local issues people are suffering from and arranges protest by gathering common people.

However, how can they avoid the big massacre happened a few days ago, for what all celebrities and common people came out on the streets and asked justice for Zainab. Zainab, who had a sacred name and sacred personality of just 8 years old got kidnaped, raped and murdered in a brutal way by a monster. Yes, this is the reality that all Pakistanis always get together and unite on one issue no matter they have affected or not. Same as in a Zainab case, all nation of Pakistan unite on one issue to get justice for little angle Zainab who had brutally raped and murdered when her parents were on Umrah.

On 14th of January 2018, Fixit arranges the protest on DHL, Big City Liberty Roundabout Lahore. You can also invite your friend circle to join this protest and raise voice against rape and murders. This protest will be started at 4 pm to demand justice for Zainab, they will record their protest and ask the government to find and hang the rapist and murderer openly so that no one could ever dare to do this brutality to anyone.

This protest has no membership and the open invitation for everyone who ever felt pain for Zainab and her family even once. These steps or protests should be taken till we find justice o that the brutal could get the message that we as a nation is united.

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