Future of Warid and Mobilink After Merger


The merge between Mobilink and Warid will create huge impact on Telecom sector of Pakistan. It will also be useful for customer’s to get vast range of services in one identity. The horizontal merger will also shaken the competitors and now it will become number one operator in term of market share, financial support and for exploring new market opportunities. The customer’s will also get superior services with extensive network coverage.

Now the question is, should both operate as different identity under one company or Keep one name and discontinue the other or both will retain their identity and operate under one umbrella and use them together. And in other case they will come with new brand name and discard previous brand names. There might be a possibility they will demote one brand and keep strongest name as their identity.

warid mobilink-merger

After few weeks it will be completely clear what are their plans, but from customer’s perspective the both Mobilink and Warid customer’s will get vast range of services. Warid customers can enjoy 3G which they haven’t previously and Mobilink customers can get 4G network access. After merge customer’s from both network can get best quality due to increase in the size of spectrum and it will also be helpful to boost the economy of Pakistan.

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