Get Fresh Currency Notes for Eid through SMS



The State Bank of Pakistan with collaboration of Pakistan Banks Association has issued the list of 150 branches from 26 Cities of Pakistan from where people can collect fresh currency notes. On the occasion of EID, every one wants to have new currency note. Keeping in view this time SPB issue a guideline to all Banks for issuing of new currency notes.

For this matter SBP has selected 150 branches throughout the country from 26 Cities to give fresh currency notes on those customers who register themselves via SMS.

For registration, customer need to send SMS with their CNIC/Smart Card Number with the branch code, from where they want to collect fresh currency note on 8877.

In return customer receive an SMS with transaction code, branch code and transaction Validity date. The transaction Validity code will be valid for two working days. And than people can visit the selected branch with SMS and CNIC card to get fresh notes. The SMS charges are Rs. 2+ tax.

The quota of fresh notes to be issued comprises of one packet each of Rs10, Rs20, Rs50 with an optional packet of Rs 100 as per availability of stock with the concerned branch.

To view list of Banks and branches visit the website of State Bank of Pakistan.

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