Google Messages on Android:

In a few upcoming months, the default SMS and RCS client known as Google Messages in almost all of the Android Smartphones will not work on uncertified Android mobiles.

XDA Developer Reports:

XDA developer gave their report recently which states that Google Messages app version 7.2.203 for Android mobiles is giving several messages about the uncertified Android phone. It clearly states that from March 31st and onwards, the google message will stop working on uncertified Android devices.

What are uncertified Android Devices?

Google has a system for the process of Google Mobiles Services in Android devices, which includes getting Google’s official certification so all those Android devices which fail to get this certification are labeled as uncertified Android devices.

Although such handsets don’t come with mandatory Google applications so the sellers sideload them usually. This is an illegal practice that Google has been notified of. This is the reason Google has introduced a new feature to combat such issues.

RCS End-to-End encryption:

Usually, in all the Google-certified Android mobiles there is a feature of RCS End-to-End encryption that guarantees the safety of the personal data of the user. In all the uncertified Android devices, Google cannot guarantee the safety of the personal data and whether the conversation of users on such devices is compromised or not.

How to notice an uncertified device:

Google might extend google messages on android to other applications in the Global Mobile system (GMS). The Android Package (APK) can give predictions of the future upcoming update of an application that You can sometimes notice that the feature doesn’t get updated to the final version, take a hint and be aware of such devices.

Without Google sign-in, Google applications can be sideloaded easily but this is going to change in near future.

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