Google Webmaster Search Console opening Rick Astley YouTube Video – April Fool or What?


If you are a website owner or working in this field you are absolutely familiar with Google Search console. And few months back Google launched new interface of their search console.

Toady is (1st April) and that day is famous for April fool day, and on this day many users found that when they click on “Re crawl Button” on their Google search console, instead of re-crawling search console open up Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up (Video) on you tube. So, the reason is unknown; it can be a bug or it can be for April Fool.

If you haven’t checked that, login in to your search console account try new interface and check the re crawl button and enjoy the video song. Song is published on Oct 24, 2009 and now it’s very old. But you can still enjoy it;

We will update you, when we get complete information regarding this. Apparently it seems that Google love April fool day, but on the other side it can be a bug.

Lets wait and see, what it can be.

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