Government Launches First Digital Urdu Dictionary


Previously we have heard the rumor that Ministry of Information and Broadcasting have planned to build the digital Urdu dictionary. Now, it has finally been launched on Wednesday 24 January 2018. After becoming the English language as the official language of Pakistan, Urdu somehow lost its worth and usage officially. We could find the number of English and other languages dictionary in digital form but there was no digital Urdu dictionary available.

However, at the Aiwan-e-Sadr in Islamabad, President Mamnon Hussain has launched first ever digital Urdu dictionary to preserve the old culture and language. This would be the first step towards the enhancement and promotion of Urdu language and next generation would get benefits from it. This dictionary would help in preserving the literature and heritage in this current digital time where our generation prefers searching on the internet rather than books.

On the launch ceremony, President said, Only those languages are immortalized whose historical background, vocabulary, forms and usage of words in different ages and lingual experiences are compiled in form of a proper and scientific glossary.” He further added, “Maintaining a dictionary was not only an academic activity but a technical matter as well.”

The old historical and literature books helped in developing this digital Urdu dictionary. This will help many of the institutions and student to fulfill their requirements.

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