Government Received Two Applications for Tax Relaxation on Building Mobile Manufacturing Unit



Government of Pakistan has received two application for relaxation in taxes for five years on building a mobile phone manufacturing unit in Pakistan.

Recently,  Haier Electronics has shown their interest to start production of mobile phones in Pakistan. Now Government of Pakistan announced that they have received two application from Chinese companies one from Haier and other’s name is not disclosed.

Government officials said that they are examining the application and said, Government of Pakistan has also included new ammendment in Finance Act 2015,  in which there will be no tax for investing in telecom sector and to promote mobile manufacturing industries. Both applications has been filed according to the latest Finance Act 2015.

Government officials said that the applications are in review process due to pending of telecom policy approval. There is a chance that new telecom policy will be approved shortly and the new ammendment will be also included in that,  all those companies who wants to start mobile production in Pakistan will be free from taxes over the period of five years.

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