How to Avoid Credit/Debit Card Info Theft

One of the biggest issues Credit card holders face is theft of their personal and financial information. If you have a credit card (Visa, MasterCard) and you lost it or someone steal it from  you, they can easily use your information to make purchases online and offline. In other  cases, if a person doesn’t steal your card but takes all the information available on the card to use it anywhere. However, it can be prevented if credit card companies change the  way information is presented on the card. How can they do that?Creditcardwcontactless

Usually, when you enter you card details on a website they ask you for details including  but not limited to Name, card number, address, phone number, expiry, CVV code/ CVV number / Card Security Code, etc. But  some just let you make the purchase with basic information like card number, expiry, and  CVV code which can be create issues for the card owner. This issue can be prevented only if the credit card companies make the following change:

Remove the CVV code from the card and let the card holder generate is just like Debit card PIN, or you can remove it by yourself and note it down on any other place, so that it can be saved from any mishap.

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