Huawei Launched Media Pad T1 7.0

huawei_mediapad_t1_80After launching Media Pad T1 8.0 in the beginning of 2015, Huawei has now introduced Media Pad T1 7.0, which is also an exclusive feature rich tablet plus phone, intended to offer optimum quality services to the Huawei customers. For those technology lovers, who would like to have something extra and excellent Huawei has manufactured this phablet, which is a combination of Tab and smart phone, possessing commendable battery power which can last an unbelievably long time.

This Media Pad T1 7.0 is going to be available to the customers for Rs. 14,499/- . It exhibits a shiny Aluminum Metal Unibody, which is without doubt an eye-catching exterior for a tablet, additionally the lightness and thinness of this Tablet makes it easier to carry around and use. Huawei has manufactured this tablet, with the quality of being used as a phone as well; one can insert the SIM, and enjoy the seamless 2G/3G voice calling SMS/MMS facilities.

Huawei Pakistan’s Director Marketing Devices, Mr. Fanhong Bruce said,”Keeping in mind the diverse demands of the technology seekers, Huawei has manufactured this excellent tablet which can also serve as a smart phone.”He further added,” This tablet is certainly going to quench the technology thirst of

the ever changing smart technology market and we are very hopeful that it would also add up a lot the growth of our brand.”

Year 2015, has proved to be a very promising year for Huawei in terms of its growth and success, as this technology leading company is putting all its energies in extraordinary advancements and innovations. The smart phones and enterprises launched and initiated this year are sure to take this brand to the skies.

Umer Kayani
Umer Kayani
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