Huawei’s Roadmap of P-Series 2018 Leaks out


We mostly consider the well-known mobile manufacturing companies like Apple, Samsung, LG and Sony and follow their updates of new mobile phones. Huawei has now become the well-known Chinese company who has launched various smartphones with amazing features in recent years. Now according to its leaked roadmap, it seems like Huawei is going to launch three P-Series in the second quarter of 2018. This news grabs the attention of all Huawei’s lovers just because of its previous P series mobile phones, which had great features and performance. Huawei Company named the upcoming mobile phones of “P, P Plus, and P Lite”

Q1 of 2018

In the 1st quarter of 2018, the Chinese company Huawei is expected to launch

  • A2 fitness band
  • Huawei 360 camera
  • B618 wireless router
  • Mate 10 Pro
  • Mate 10 Lite

Q2 of 2018

As mentioned that according to the leaked roadmap the new P series has been expected to launch and the Q2 is going to be the busiest quarter of the Chinese company as there are few more mobiles are expected to launch.

  • P
  • P Lite
  • P Plus
  • Second Honor Smartphone
  • B 525 wireless router

Q3 of 2018

In third quarter of 2018 Huawei is expected to launch third honor branded smartphone. This is surely a codename by Huawei and the market or launched name would be different.

Q4 of 2018

It is also rumored that in Q4 Huawei is expected to launch another Mate series along with Fourth Honor

  • Mate Pro
  • Mate Lite
  • Fourth Honor Smartphone

This information is rumored and guessed by the images which have been leaked by Huawei intentionally or unintentionally. We can’t get the whole information about the upcoming mobiles until we reach to 2018, we need to wait for the official announcement for the detailed features information.

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