IESCO Launched Roshni SMS Service


IESCO, Islamabad Electric Supply Company announced to start an SMS based service “Roshni” to facilitate their customers. In order to start this service, IESCO request to all banks to get the mobile numbers of all users when they are submitting their bills.

iescoThe registered customers can get all information regarding their bills and load shedding information. And customers can launch any type of complaints in an easy way. Those who are already registered can use Roshni service by sending SMS. To send sms write “IESCO” and you 14 digits consumer number and send it to 8398. This service will be applicable in Islamabad and Rawalpindi for all IESCO customers.

To Unsubscribe: Send “Unsub” sms to 8398002

  • Muhammad Ali

    We have submmited meter fee 3 months ago but still today we are waiting for meter and there is no electricity in our home help us …i have no reference number..

    Application No : 1268
    Dated : 15-9-2015
    Tariff : Ai

    D/Notice No : 1694
    Date of issue : 18-9-2015

  • Hamza Abbas

    Call at head office. Or email CEO maybe your problem will be resolved.

    IESCO Headquater Address
    Islamabad Electric Supply Company
    IESCO Head Office St,40
    Sector G-7/4 Islamabad
    Tel: 051-9252937,9252938,9252939

  • Abdul Razzaq

    I tried a lot but no body attended the phone on above three numbers 2:55 pm September 9, 2016

  • Khalil

    It is being informed that electricity of my area is dim(low voltage issue). This is man made issue because last Saturday and Sunday we face this problem throughout the day. My predication is that the person who is performing the duty at Grid station is creating this problem. Request is that strict action should be taken against the individual and electricity of my area Karor feader may kindly be restored at the earliest.
    Waiting for a quick response, please

  • Tayyab Mehmood

    plz help me …how i do unsubcribed me phone no ….which registered at wrong name…. in this service……

  • Arshad Mehmood

    plz help me …how i do unsubcribed me phone no ….which registered at wrong name…. in this service……

  • wajid

    how to unsubscribe it…its been activated by someone on wrong num…

  • Hammad

    same happened with me.

  • Muhammad Sohail

    it,s also happening to me but with wrong number.i didn,t subscribed that & i,m not belongs to iesco coverages

  • Umer Kayani

    Kindly call their helpline for unsub of service.

  • Sajid

    Please dont send me Roshni SMS , as i m not a customer of IESCO.

  • S Farooq Ali

    Please dont send sms at my phone in Karachi for Waheed Khan consumer no 14141113051100 as I am not Waheed Khan. I am unable to understand who has given you my phone number.

  • Muhammad Adeel Khan

    dear all,
    try sending “Unsub” sms to 8398002 and wait for their response. after a delay i have received and sms from the ROSHNI service as follow:
    Dear Customer,
    On behalf of IESCO, please accept my apologies for sending you this message. Since you are not an IESCO customer, I will delete your number from my records.

    so i think this will solve our problem, though i have to wait for a month for this to check if it work or not :p

  • Umer Kayani

    Thanks for sharing with all.

  • Waqas Raja

    dear iesco/roshni by mistaken you send a text on my number with ref non 05145230818100 so kindly chek it and send this to right person

  • Nizar Ahmed

    1. Really, Sir, if u go into depth, villagers are mostly poor even middle personalities are requesting for getting the money for deposit of electricity bills having expenditures upto 5000-6000 thousands in the last dates of the month.

    2. The Islamabad Electric Supply Company being a Commercial Organization is requested to change the reading and billing of schedule of IESCO with city against our village Neela being poor people and salary persons.

    3. It will be highly appreciated if the schedule of reading / billing of our Neela village may please be changed in first week of every month.

    4. I hope that our case may please be considered with higher authorities for subject purpose.


    Dear iesco by mistaken you are
    continuously sending a text on my number with ref no. 13142133179000, so
    please check it and send this SMS to right person. thanks

  • ahsan ghazanfar

    For all those getting incorrect information : Simply reply to any ROSHNI message with your correct 14 digit reference number and ask for old reference number to be removed and they will do it. I have done it for myself, you can actually reply to this service and the response is very good.

    For those who do not wish to receive messages, I guess you can also reply to their message and ask them not to message you again. If the service is any good, they should stop messaging you.

  • Ahmedshakeel

    IESCO Authorities,you have registered a wrong consumer’s Ref No.(08141112198700)on my cell.I don’t want any info about electric on cell,Kindly remove all incoming information on my number and send it to the right Consumer’s number.Thanks

  • Saqib Nawaz

    IESCO Authorities,you have registered a wrong consumer’s Ref No.(13143142198701)on my cell 0300-5199082 and 03135099751.I don’t want any info about electric on cell,Kindly remove all incoming information on my number and send it to the right Consumer’s number.Thanks

  • Aqib Tayyab

    inko mony mt dia kro

  • Engr M Ahmed

    Roshni IESCO, My cell number is changed (I lost my mobile). Please update my cell number for ROSHNI SMS. The new number is 0317-5634065 (old number was 0312-9533965), Thanks

  • Rehan Babar

    Do they send you the bill details on monthly basis?