IQRA University in Top Most Category of HEC  


 IQRA University, IQRA, Islamabad, Karachi, hec, hec ranking, iqra Pakistan, iqra fee, iqra Islamabad, iqra Karachi, iqra Lahore, hec, hec ranking, University ranking, IQRA University in Top Most Category of HEC   The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) of Higher Education Commission (HEC) in a recent categorization as placed Iqra University (IU) Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) in the top most “W”category with 97% score.

“W” is the top most category in the QEC rating criteria with a score falling in the range of 85%, 100%, while the other categories are “X” with a score between 68%-84%, “Y” 51%-67% and “Z” with a score of up to 50%.

This self-assessment methodology whereby Universities are required to conduct periodic self-assessment of their academic programs in order to improve and ensure high academic standards is an important tool for academic quality assurance and it should be adopted by all HEIs in Pakistan.

Currently IQRA University is located in Karachi and Islamabad with one campus in each cities.