Islamabad High Court Warns Staff Of Cyber-Attack Threat


Islamabad high court has alerted its branches about a potent malicious virus known as Ransomware, a type of malware designed by hackers to harm a computer, client, server or network system. The administration and judicial records from the computers can easily be hack by this cyber-attack threat.

Ransomware has been worldwide launched to target computer systems running on Windows 7 and 10 operating systems. Cryptovirus extortion is a technique used by this virus which encrypts the files of the target, turns the files into inaccessible and asks for a ransom for decrypting the file. The Islamabad High Court administration is asking the officials to create a backup file in the “Z drive” of the computers in order to secure the necessary files from this malware.

The officials have been prohibited from plugging USBs, installing new plug-ins, sharing data by email addresses in the official computers and surfing unnecessary websites.

When it comes to a cryptoviral attack, it is almost impossible to recover a file without a decryption key. Tracing the cryptocurrency given as Ransom is even more difficult and also prosecution and tracking of the perpetrator. Ransomware attacks is usually carried as Trojans that are disguise as a legitimate file. These files mostly come in emails and users are mostly tricked into downloading it. The virus begins spreading back in 2012 and so far. There were almost 181.5 million attacks of this virus in the beginning of 2018.

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