JazzCash ‘Tap n Pay’ NFC Enabled Payment


Last year Mobilink Launched an NFC based payment system in Pakistan. “Tap n Pay”  is NFC payment mechanism by which anyone having access pay to authorized merchants by using their smartphones or via using their NFC Tag.

After revamped of Mobilink to Jazz and Mobicash to Jazzcash. Now Jazz once again brings NFC based payment with enhanced services. Jazz customers having this service enabled can use their Mobile Account for payment by tapping your smartphones or Tag on Point of Sale machine.Jazz, jazzcash, nfc, nfc payment, nfc tag, jazz tag, jazzcash tag, pos, machine, vendors, tap, pay, tapnpay, tapnpay jazz, jazzcash tapnpay, JazzCash ‘Tap n Pay’ NFC Enabled Payment

Jazz “Tap n Pay”  gives you variety of services and you don’t need to carry cash having Tag or smartphone with NFC. Just shop and pay through your Jazzcash Mobile Account. Currently you won’t find much machines on different stores but Jazz are working to make it available on major stores, filling stations, restaurants etc. So that Jazzcash customers can avail that service.

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