Kaymu: Pakistan’s Leading E-commerce Android App


Kaymu has become Pakistan’s premium online shopping store in the current day. The venture is backed by Rocket Internet that is a German venture incubator and is rapidly gaining popularity in the Pakistani market. It is an online marketplace that has everything that you can imagine. From the latest women’s shoes to the new flat screen TV, you can find it all here. Ever since its launch it has been in the news due to its outstanding performance and holding its stand despite the rising competition in the local Pakistani online market.

The reason for its growing popularity is not just the services it provides but the changing dynamics of Pakistan as well. It has been reported that Mobile phone users have reached an estimated of 124.24 million by the end of November 2015.

Mobile users in Pakistan

online storeMoreover, the younger generation is more actively involved when it comes to ordering things online and being active in the world of internet. According to Pakistan Advertiser’s Society, roughly around 77% of the smartphone users are around between the ages of 21 to 30, therefore we see an increasing trend in the usage of this app.

There are many reasons that you can relate to when it comes to the level of success and popularity that Kaymu is enjoying right now. One of the best things about this app is that it is totally free. You do not need to pay any amount to download it or you can even easy access it on the web.

It has brought around popular sellers who provide the items at unbelievable prices to enjoy from. Along with this, low profile businesses also have a chance to advertise themselves as well. Currently, there are thousands of listings of products that cater to the needs and demands of many people.

One of the highest achievements that Kaymu holds is that it has reduced the fear in the hearts on people when it comes to online shopping. This is due to their superior product delivery and cash on delivery services. The main focus that the business has is customer satisfaction and it personifies it. The cash on delivery feature is outstanding because people are no longer skeptical about giving their credit cards or any online payment modes. They simply pay when they receive the product.

If you take into account the social media marketing that the company does, then it fails nowhere. There is a regular and a very prominent presence that the venture has on Facebook as it continuously updates its activities there. There are a number of events, sales and promotions that take place regularly for people to enjoy. The latest additions to the products are visible on the page and the app along with the website is very user friendly.

There is much more to look forward when it comes to Kaymu Pakistan. The venture is working on many more things and slowly it will reveal what it has in store. So wait and see!

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