MVM Partnered With Yutong To Manufacture Electric Buses In Pakistan


MVM Group is a multinational electric power generating company located in Hungary. It is the largest electrical manufacturing company in the country. The company was responsible for large scale distribution, production, and sale of electricity. MVM Group has signed a contract with Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., LTD to manufacture electric buses for the auto sector of Pakistan. This memorandum has signed under the CPEC arrangement and is known to bring financial stability in the country.

The launch project official ceremony will be held in February of 2020. In the ceremony, Yutong will execute a trial run of the electric buses before making it accessible for the general public. The long term goal behind launching electric transportation is to transform Public Transportation of Pakistan into one of the world’s sustainable, zero-emissions system and a clean green pregressive Pakistan.

Manufacture Electric Buses

The main step is to gather electric buses into the metro system and then distribute them to travel between the cities. The country will face financial stability with the lauch of electrical vehicles and the transportation rates will also be reduce for the general public.

A policy of National Electric Vehicle has signed by the Prime Minister in November 2019 to control the environmental pollution of Pakistan. From January 2020, the policy will be running.

Yutong is located in China, officially known for manufacturing extensive commercial vehicles. In addition, buses that was manufacture by Yutong are the most popular in the whole subcontinent. The company was considered as the world’s largest bus manufacturer in sales volume in 2016. Yutong also manufacture city buses, intercity buses and coaches and was famous globally.

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