New Camera Updates in Samsung Galaxy A5 and A7 (2017)


We frequently talk about the A series of Samsung Galaxy whether the previous ones or the upcoming models. Samsung Galaxy A series is the most admirable series in Samsung and here we are discussing the latest update in Samsung Galaxy A5 and A7 (2017). It has been updated the camera features and in this specific update, selfie focus is most admirable.

The interesting update called selfie focus and it is the new model for the front camera in which the user now don’t need to tap on to the screen to focus the subject. It focuses the subject and blurs the whole background which seems like the effect applied in the image or give the effect that picture might be taken from any DSLR camera.

However, it is the great addition in A5 and A7 and users are enjoying it. It works really well in good light but didn’t give that much perfect result in low light. There are a lot more new camera features which include the color correction option for the skin tone, the improvement in image processing system. This all allows in front camera and the back camera updated with new stickers and stamps. Many of the devices have already been updated and few are on the way to get updated. But still, this new feature is too exciting to take more selfies.

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