Google On The Road Of Making New Messaging App That Combines It All


Recently Google have been working on its new tenth messaging app. The undergoing device app is said to unite the functions of other G Suite apps. The app is visualized as a communication app for businesses according to Google.

This app was launched in 2019. Unfortunately, the Google messaging app changes like the season in the market because users can not depend on one to have a special premise. Currently it looks like the same sales set up for its Hangout Chat given by the company.

This new app of Google will combine the functions of Drive, Gmail, Hangout Meet, Hangout Chats. Another app by G suit developer, Google Slack, lets the user to communicate via message, share files and do video calls however the new messaging app will have more than just that. This is a mobile app which means it might function on mobiles instead of computer.

This new app will have all the Hangout characteristics however does it mean that Google will bring off the genuine Hangout app one time and for all? Some other Google messaging apps include Google Voice, Hangouts chat, Google Messages, Google Talk, Hangouts, Google Buzz, Spaces, Allo. All the queries will be soon answered as the leaks will be out by Google for this new messaging app.

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