Nokia 1 Android Oreo is set to launch in 2018


We have the bunch of news of upcoming mobiles in 2018 including Apple, Samsung, and Huawei and now there is news of Nokia upcoming Mobile in 2018. Hence, 2017 was the comeback year of Nokia smartphones, as it was not meeting the smartphone requirements comparatively other companies. Nokia is set to launch the light version of Android Oreo by the name of Nokia 1 in the upcoming year of 2018. Google itself took a step to make light version mobile phones to make it more affordable and to allow everyone enjoying the smartphone at cheap rates. Many other companies support Google in its initiative of making a lightweight version of Android operating system same as Nokia.

However, Nokia 1 would be the part of Android Go Program running a lightweight version of Android Oreo which is expected to be launch in March 2018. It would be the cheap and affordable smartphone with all lightweight features. Meanwhile, Nokia is not the only one who is making a light version but Huawei is also working on making a cheap smartphone and to be launching next year.

Nokia 1 is expected to come with the features of:

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8 GB expandable storage
  • 720P HD display
  • Android Oreo version

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