Pakistan to Introduce Rs.10 Coin


Federal cabinet meeting was held on Wednesday, which was presided over by PM Nawaz Sharif at PM house. The meeting approved the introduction of the Rs.10 coin and to reconsider the design of the Rs.5 coin among other points.

People have started discussions on advantages and disadvantages of the Rs.10 coin in regular use. Some people consider the paper money is easy to handle while it’s difficult to carry the coins and it is also a possible way to devalue the economy.

The beginning of converting the paper money into coins was started in year 1998 when paper money of Rs.1 and Rs.2 were terminated and coins were introduced later on in 2002 paper money of Rs 5 was also replaced by coin and now in 2016 Rs.10 coin is going to be launch though the design of the coin is not yet revealed.Coins-PNG-HD

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