Perfect APP for you to Track Flights and their Routes

There are multiple apps available to track flights but there is this FREE version of the most popular flight-tracking app popularly known as flightradar24. This app converts your phone or tablet into an air traffic radar and allows you to monitor airplane traffic across the globe in real-time.

You can literally track any flight in no time. Not only that, just click on the plane and the app will not only provide you its scheduled time and the actual route, but comprehensive information about its ground speed and altitude as well. When watching the live map .There is search field just below the Flightradar24 logo, just type in your required flight number and you can watch its entire route on live map.

However, one of the most interesting part is that it allows you to check the history of any flight for the last 7 days in its free version. One of the best part is that it allows you to check the model number, the actual serial number of the flight other than the flight number and most importantly, total number of flights and the age of the aero plane.

You can also get more features by buying Flightradar24 for just 200PKR and identify any plane literally any plane flying overhead by simply pointing your phone’s camera to the sky, isn’t it amazing…!!!!! Just point your phone to the plane flying above you and you can check all the related information about the plane.

  • Augmented reality view
  • identify the Emergency notification alerts
  • Flight trajectoriesand callsigns directly on map
  • See airline logos in connection with the aircraft

You can download app from:

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