PTA Removed Five SIM’s/CNIC Limit


We have highlighted the issue regarding five SIM limit per one CNIC few months ago that customers aren’t able to get inernet/data SIM because of five SIM’s limit. And most of them had already registered five SIM’s against their CNIC. But now at last PTA listen the voice of people and took good step in order to facilitate the public.

pta-data-simAccording to media reports now any one of you can register more than five SIM’s per CNIC. PTA adds three more SIM’s and now the limit is eight per CNIC. Five normal SIM’s and three data SIM’s can be registered through biometric by any individual. Due to the limit Telecom companies were also facing problems for generating revenue due to less numbers of new data SIM’s registration. And Customers were reporting for no space to get new SIM for only internet usage in wingle/Dongle or MiFi devices.

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