PTCL Increased Smart TV APP Rates for Prepaid Customers


PTCL revised their tariff for Smart TV Application. Now Prepaid customers and EVO Wingle customers can get this application for Rs.99/month. And for postpaid customers it is still at Rs.49/month.

PTCL Smart TV APP is free for broadband connection of 4 MB or higher and for EVO CharJi customers. But for prepaid and EVO Wingle customers PTCL increased the price and now it can be access at Rs.99/month.

Recently,  PTCL Smart TV APP Nominated for GSMA Awards 2016 and it is considered for awards, but they win or not for that we have to wait for final day. The App is priced at Rs.49 (Inclusive of Tax) per month for postpaid customers. However for all the prepaid and EVO Wingle customers tariff plan has been revised to Rs.99 (Inclusive of Tax).

It is very good application for reasonable price for watching live tv. But now customers won’t be happy with their decision and they will definitely look for any other alternative.

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