PTCL Silently Increase CLI/VAS Bundle Charges

Do you know PTCL increased the CLI/VAS bundle monthly charges on your landline number? If you don’t know than we are going to tell you, PTCL silently increase the CLI or VAS bundle charges from Rs.30 to Rs.50 per month. The new charges are applicable from 1st December,  2015. And PTCL didn’t notify their customers for change in tariff those who subscribed this service.

ptcl vas cli

PTCL should notify to all those customers who have subscribed this service before any change. But they change the tariff and now you have to pay Rs.50/Month for using CLI service.

For any further information call their helpline 1236 to know more about this change in tariff.


Umer Kayani
Umer Kayani
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