PTV Director Convicted of sexual harassement


Islamabad: People’s Party has filed a complaint against PTV, the government telecasting institution, in the National Assembly as result of allegations from a female anchor about being sexually harassed at her workplace.

According to Express Tribune, PTV’s anchor journalist, Tanzeela Mazhar, claims that the current Director of PTV, Agha Masood Shorish, sexually harassed her during work. She also claims that he is now being protected by influential people to avoid any action against him. However, after the female anchor’s allegations, People’s Party filed a request in the National Assembly Secretariat to thoroughly investigate the man accused of harassment. National Assembly members Nafisa Shah, Shazia Marri, Azra Fazal Pechuho, Belum Husnain, Shazia Sobia and Shahida Rehmani have signed the request filed by the People’s Party in the Secretariat.

The female anchor tweeted that she presented her complaint against Agha Masood Shorish in front of the concerned PTV committee. Unfortunately, the committee didn’t take any action regarding her complaint. Instead, the committee questioned her why she hasn’t resigned from her job if she was sexually harassed in the first place.

During her interview with Express Tribune, Tanzeela Mazhar stated that she has no intentions of defaming PTV. She has also been working with PTV for the last 15 years. However, she has a problem with the environment of the workplace due to Agha Masood. She also informed that there have previously been complaints against him by female employees, but eventually they took back their complaints due to several reasons. There has never been a proper investigation against Agha Masood.

On the other hand, Tanzeela Mazhar’s colleague, Imran Hassan tweeted that there are laws in place for protection of women against sexual harassment at workplace. Hence, no one should put the institution’s reputation at stake for personal gains.

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