Recommended for you- Instagram’s New Feature


As we all know Instagram is the biggest social media platform people are using these days and in no time it grew to its peak. Just like other social media platforms Instagram too frequently changes its features for the convenience of its users. A couple of days ago Instagram has introduced its new feature “Recommended for you” in this users will now receive the posts in a new section even if they are from those people you don’t follow, you will get the posts notifications. Through this feature, the users can follow the profiles which grab their attention or attract them.

Furthermore, about couple of days ago Instagram allowed the users to follow the hashtag and right after that, it announced this recommended feature too. However, there is a big difference between both hashtag and recommended feature is the user can’t disable this feature. In hashtag, the users have the option of not following any particular hashtag while in this feature users will get the notification no matter if they want it or not. There is no disable option available in this feature and many of the users find it annoying.


Many of the Instagrammers have published on other social media platforms to make a disable option for this and many of the users are enjoying it as they are getting new feeds. According to the people, they are following they follow for the reason and they don’t need other’s notifications. Despite, a bundle of users didn’t get this new update on Instagram, don’t worry it will be updated on your device too as its currently working on iOS and Android.

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