Renowned tiktok star Adil Rajput died in an alleged car accident (updated)

Adil Rajput, a well-known tiktoker has died in a tragic car accident today. Adil was among most renowned tiktokers of the country. He has huge fan following of 2.6 million and was famous for creating funny videos alongside with his wife.

The death news of tiktoker was confirmed by his wife who uploaded a video on her profile. The video uploaded unveiled the tragic accident and death news of her husband.

Famous tiktokers have expressed their utmost condolences on the incident. The news has left fans shocked about the unfortunate incident. The fan following of Adil Rajput has also expressed their utmost grief and sorrow.

However, there are rumors that the deceased was receiving threats from anonymous people for quite some time now. One of his fan shared Adil’s video where he has confirmed about the multiple death threats which he was receiving in past few weeks.

There are a lot of stories which are regulating on social media regarding the incident. Many people have told that Adil Rajput has raised his voice against the immoral content on Chinese-owned social media app.

However, not many details are unveiled regarding the incident but fans are waiting to know the actual reason behind the death of their favorite star.

Earlier, fans had to bear the loss of sudden death of highly famed tiktoker, Daniyal Khan. Adil’s fans are demanding the immediate inquiry on the matter and want justice for their favorite. Justice for Adil Rajut is trending on Twitter where users are voicing their support for their favorite tiktoker.

Misinformation Exposed

One of the locals has confirmed that death news of Adil Rajput is fake! This whole drama was created to gain followers on social media. This is indeed the most pathetic way to gain fame.

Fans and social media followers want cyber crime to take action against the couple for spreading false news. Whole social media is on fire and calling the matter a cheap publicity stunt and sheer stupidity.

People are calling the wife of tiktoker a big mellow drama and what not!

However, the couple has not issued any statement or apology upon the matter.

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