Safeguard Shows Imran Khan as Dirtoo Germ


In newly launched cartoon animation by Safeguard shaked the whole advertising industry of Pakistan. The concept of short cartoon animation film based upon PTI and PMLN. In cartoon animation movie,  Jungle Mein Mungle Safeguard Shows Imran Khan as Dirtoo Germ and they portray the followers of Imran Khan as Germs. And the commander safeguard are represented as Nawaz Shaeef.

The concept are based upon PTI’s Sit in (Dharna) at D Chowk Islamabad and represents Imran Khan as loser, who lose from Nawaz Shareef. The Dirtoo Germ (Imran Khan) lose from Commander safeguard (Nawaz Shreef) and the dirtoo gang (PTI)  is spreading anarchy and disturbance in the country.

Not only PTI’s followers but all people are criticizing safeguard for their mock by using the cheap, below the belt advertising. People over social media are asking for the boycott of safeguard and the hash tag #BoycottSafegaurd and #dirtogang are trending.

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