Samsung Might Brings Early S8, Note8 or Note7 Plus

According to some news and current scenario Samsung looks on back foot. After the launch of Samsung’s top and high smartphone Galaxy Note7 start bursting after few days of initial launch. That’s is shocking for the company who been in this business from several years and when your competitors are giving to very tough time, you can afford any single mistake.

Samsung announced to replace all Note7 which got burst or not and will relaunch it with fresh stock. But things are not getting well for Samsung, the replaced unit are also causing fire and start bursting. And Samsung will replace those defective devices.

But what consumers thinks,those who are die hard fan of Samsung Galaxy Phones and continuously using Galaxy and Note series will move to Note7. That’s the question which is also in manufacture’s mind. When all time you are reading the news that Galaxy Note7 burst and its also an expensive device, so why should they buy it.

Well, now Samsung realize that they have to move out from Note7 and they should focus on new one. It can be the new Galaxy S8, an early release or new Note7 plus or Note 8. People are not happy with Note7 and Samsung also thinks what their competitors are doing. Apple already launched iPhone 7 and 7 plus, LG announced new models, Google launched Pixel Smartphone and all are launching new high end devices.

At this moment Samsung can’t afford to stay with Note7 and according to news they will bring Galaxy S8 or Note8 very nearly to compensate the user with something new and exciting.

Umer Kayani
Umer Kayani
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