Samsung Stopped Galaxy Note7 Shipment


According to media reports Samsung has postponed the further shipment of their newly released Samsung Galaxy Note 7 because these smart phones are under supplementary Quality Testing.

Smart phone was launched on 1st of august but costumers have different complaints regarding the phone which includes:

  • Sudden crash of Operating System.
  • Phone restarts automatically.
  • Battery heat up problem.Note7, Samsung Stopped Galaxy Note7 Shipment

Among the above mentioned problems in the brand new Galaxy Note 7 Battery heat up is the most observed and common issue in the phone as its not new this issue has also observed in other smart phones of Brand. South Korean media has reported that some of the users have seen their batteries exploded in the Note 7.
Samsung has not accepted candidly the issues in the phone and not cleared reason for this additional Product testing but the circumstances clearly shows that this “Quality testing” is to remove the criticism of the costumers on their brand new Note 7. Although Samsung do not have much time to continue the supply of phone because Apple corporation is going to launch their next iPhone on 7 September 2016.

The price of Note 7 are 93,500 and it’s bit expensive not only here but worldwide. Samsung customers won’t happy with the device performance which worth almost 90k.

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