Sexual Objectification: The Mobilink Mantra


Mobilink once again used sexual objectification as their marketing tactic and honestly it worked but will it have a long term impact on the brand? One thing is clear, there is no brand story and Mobilink FAILED to create a relationship with the audience.

We are not trying to be women rights activists but companies like Mobilink have been trying to use women as a commodity to sell their bodies, rather than selling the actual product. Even, Nargis Fakhri is not happy with the print campaign.

Mobilink Jazz X ad- Nargis Fakhri

The lying Fakhri in red on Front page of newspapers once make the reader to think, and that is the power of marketing. The marketing campaign which successfully impact on potential customers are not failed. But the original message which should be the Mobile phone distracted by the glamour and new debate emerged in social media and even on leading newspaper’s about Mobilink advertisement. It’s not only Mobilink, we have many other advertising campaign by different Mobile brands in Pakistan. QMobile is using the same marketing strategy to sell their phones. TV Ads with dance and full of glamour is now becomes part of industry.

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