Soon GIFs are coming to your Instagram stories


Instagram is continuously making updates to the app and its features are making users so much into it. Recently, Instagram introduces the feature of “recommended for you” in which the user will get the notification whether this profile is added or not, they get the notifications. Many of the users found that interesting but on the same channel many users hated that feature because it didn’t have any option to turn off notification and it bothered them.

Instagram has become famous in no time and people use it for their business promotions at the great level. As we all know about GIF who use social media platforms, Facebook recently added GIF and it also allows adding GIF to the comment. Instagram too forming a partnership with Giphy and this option will allow users to add GIFs to their Instagram stories.

The GIF sticker’s background would be transparent and could easily emerge from the user pictures and even videos they share their stories. Through this new update in Instagram, the users could search the GIF from the Giphy library and use it on pictures and videos. Previously, Facebook launched the GIF button with the support of Giphy which is also expected in Instagram.

Boomerang feature of Instagram has become so popular and made Instagram more interesting which have also been used for stories and now they are planning for new changing to make stories more inspiring.  Instagram already has many of the animation or stickers but still, they want to increase its animation library. Few of the countries have already experienced this new update but soon will be updated all over.

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