Telenor 3G Connect Dongle/Wingle Internet Packages


, Telenor 3G Connect Dongle/Wingle Internet Packages

After the successful 3G/4G spectrum auction in Pakistan, now every operator is busy in extending the network coverage for their 3G/4G services. Now every opertor have different internet devices with various internet packages.

Telenor Pakistan is also offering to their customers a telenor 3G Connect dongle and wingle to use the ultimate experience of 3G.
The Telenor dongle is priced at Rs.
2200 and the 3G Connect Wingle is available at Rs. 3000.

Telenor also have best data SIM or 3G Connect internet packages as compared to their competitors. Telenor offering much GBs in low price on Data SIM. You can also buy Data SIM separately without wingle or dongle and use it in any wingle/dongle or smartphone. The advantage to activate these packages on data SIM over regular SIM are, you can load balance in it without deduction of any taxes and than activate any bundle of your choice and enjoy the Internet. But in Telenor there are 14% withholding tax and 10% service charges will be charged on recharge, so this Data SIM is same like normal and cost much for internet purpose as compared to other wireless network. On the other hand WaridTel is not charging a recharge tax on Data SIM.

On regular SIM you won’t get much GBs in competitive price, these packages are designed only for internet purpose and can only be activated on data SIM. For regular SIM there are other Internet packages and that can’t be activated on data SIM.

Data SIM Packages:

3G Connect Daily:

Price:Rs. 75.00
Volume: 2GB
1 Day

3G Connect Free Trial

Rs. 0.10
Volume: Free Internet
60 Days

3G Connect Introductory

Rs. 300.00
Volume: 3 GB
30 Days

3G Connect Economy

Rs. 750.00
Volume: 10 GB
30 Days

3G Connect Heavy

Rs. 1,100.00
Volume: 20 GB
30 Days

3G Connect Unlimited

Rs. 1,500.00
Volume: 30 GB
30 Days

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